Saturday, 25 July 2009

greetings from asbury park

i am properly excited today!
last friday i bought some bruce springsteen records (1 is staying with me, the other 2 belong to someone else) & they have arrived! i bought them from, and the seller was truly lovely - their shop listings said "shipping only to USA" & after i asked, they were perfectly happy to post to the UK, which i think was rather nice of them.
the record i am keeping is this one, which is called greetings from asbury park NJ:
i love the design on it, the coloured asbury park bit folds off to reveal the lyrics underneath & there is a little "address" bit like a proper postcard which even has a cute little bruce springsteen stamp:
wow, this guy was seriously hot.
still is actually, even for a 59 year old (yes, i get weird older man crushes, but please don't judge me, the guy is bloody gorgeous!).
i haven't listened to it yet as my record player lives at my dad's house & i'm not there at the moment, but i'm contemplating buying one that i can keep at my mum's house, so therefore i can listen to records here as well. i mean, i've got my ipod speakers, but it just isn't the same thing is it?
i'm already a pretty big fan of bruce so i know i won't be disappointed by the record, & one of the songs on it is already a favourite of mine (spirit in the night: so i know it's going to be pretty damn awesome - and i know, especially after watching bruce at glastonbury (sadly from the comfort of my own home), that guy does a fabulous live show.
ok, i just found a freaking amazing quote from bruce which kind of makes me think we're kindred spirits:
"i do a lot of curiosity buying; i buy it if i like the album cover, i buy it if i like the name of the band, anything that sparks my imagination. i still like to go to record stores, i like to just wander around and i'll buy whatever catches my attention"
this is totally what i do!
oh my god, i think i'm actually in love with him.

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