Sunday, 4 December 2011

pretty pretty petticoat

happy december everyone! at the moment i'm flitting between major excitement & love for this time of year, and sheer unadulterated panic at how little christmas shopping i have done. college breaks up on the 16th, so hopefully i can get it done in those few days, fingers crossed!
speaking of college, at the minute we're doing knit, embroidery & fabric manipulation workshops which i am seriously loving! i've done so much knitting these past few days my fingers are about ready to fall off. now that i've finally learnt how to cast on and cast off (i could always do the basic knit stitch, just had difficulty beginning and ending!) it's so much better. if i have time, i'll photograph some of my samples & put them up here!
anyway, while i was going shopping for bits & bobs to knit with i had a little browse through the local charity shops and found these beauties!
two silky petticoats in ivory & a lovely peachy pink colour! they're pretty much exactly the same as they both have the same flower pattern, although weirdly they were different prices (£1 and £1.49).
i think they're so pretty, but i just can't work out how to wear them! they hit me just below the knee, so i'm going to try wearing them as long skirts (they aren't particularly see through, in case you were wondering!). in fact, i think i'm going to wear one to my high school's ~celebration evening~ for ex-students next thursday, if i do i'll post my outfit!
they have a lovely lace edging, so i don't really want to take any of the length off. luckily they do actually fit me around the waist as they're elasticated!
i also found this absolutely beautiful strawberry printed plate in the same shop!
it's so strange, i was vaguely looking for a cake stand or a nice plate to display some of my jewellery on for craft markets & i found this hiding under a stack of uninteresting plates! how unbelievably cool is that, it totally matches the name of my jewellery shop!
i think the illustration is gorgeous, and the colours are so pretty.
it was only 49p too, such a lovely find! i'm still pinching myself over my excellent luck, haha.
here it is in action displaying my tea set jewellery at the market i was at yesterday! you can't really see the strawberries very well unfortunately.
the market was a little bit quiet, but i still made a few sales including one of the new disney necklaces i've made! the lady who organised the market was really lovely, after she saw some of my pin up girl brooches she gave me this little book that she was selling on her stall for free!
it's not really pin up girls, but it's illustrations of pulp fiction covers featuring pin up-like women.
i'm going to try and incorporate some of the pictures into my jewellery making, so watch this space!
one of my favourite covers from the book.
in other news, i've reached 54 likes on my jewellery facebook page! ahh i'm so pleased, it's so good to know people like my pieces & all my hard work isn't for nothing.
i'm also offering free postage on all orders (both domestic and international) throughout december! please check my shop announcement on etsy for my last shipping dates for christmas, and enter the code DECEMBER at checkout to receive your free shipping!
hopefully i'll have to time to update a bit more in the next week or so, and have some new jewellery listed by saturday!

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