Tuesday, 29 November 2011

my only weakness is a list of crimes

hello there! i bought some jewellery from layla amber on etsy last week, and it arrived a couple of days ago! everything in her shop is so cute, i had such a hard time deciding what i wanted to get! all of the pieces are made from her original illustrations, which are (i think) then printed onto shrinkable plastic! this is such a lovely idea, it is something i would love to do in my jewellery shop, as i really want to get into actual making & branch out into selling some artwork. besides, it gets really annoying & boring when you see lots of people doing the same things.
anyway, her jewellery came in a really cute package tied up with string! i'm really starting to pay attention more to how handmade pieces are packaged now i'm doing it myself, i think it make all the difference when you see something wrapped with real thought. i love the designs on her jewellery cards too!
i bought these ship in bottle earrings which are too cute! they are so tiny & adorable, and it's such a quirky idea.
(the only thing i would say i don't like about these is that they have bell backs instead of butterfly backs. it's just a little thing which is totally a personal preference & nothing to do with the quality of the earrings, i just prefer butterfly backs as it means i can keep the pair together more easily as i have to transport my jewellery box around every three or four days.)
i also bought this bird hair clip set after much indecision! they are so sweet, and seeing as i always tend to clip my fringe back (because it's a bloody nightmare) i think these will be much more interesting than just using a boring brown hairclip.
the budgie one is my favourite as it's such a lovely colour! i also have my eye on a few pairs of the bird earrings for after christmas, i actually got given a "thank you" discount code for 10% off in her shop! i also think she's running a christmas discount offer over on her blog.
i also bought three pairs of earrings as presents for my secret santa & my cousin, but i won't post pictures of them here as it may spoil the surprise!
i went on a bit of a charity shopping trip today, so i will post about the things i've bought at some point during the week. i'm starting a construction project in textiles, and i start a knitting workshop on thursday so i might post about that too!
i was supposed to list some new jewellery in the shop today, but the light wasn't very good so i didn't get pictures of all the new jewellery. i'm not really very happy with the pictures i got either, so i'll probably just re-do them all anyway. sigh, this self-employment lark isn't all it's cracked up to be!
goodbye for now.


  1. those bird clips are adorable x

  2. Oh gosh,
    I've spent so much money today and now your making me shop. Again.

  3. I have been wanting these ship earrings for ages. I bought my mum the owl ones for her birthday recently. Her shop is just lovely isn't it :)


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