Wednesday, 7 December 2011

the dog

hey guys! i'm finding myself with more time to blog these days, which is brilliant as i totally love doing it! i've got a pretty long list of things to blog about, so i'll probably schedule quite a few when i can. i feel like such a rubbish blogger given my pretty dismal number of posts last month!
anyway, if you follow me on twitter you might be aware of my overexcitement at all the knitting, embroidery & fabric manipulation workshops i've been doing over the past week. (i'm supposed to be doing some embroidery now in fact, but it's not until friday so i've got a fair bit of time!) i've done some knitting before, but i never really knew how to cast on or cast off so it always felt a bit restricted, but i've managed to pick that up pretty quickly in the workshops. i've loved doing the knitting so much, somehow i've managed to do 24 samples!
all of my samples!
samples made using ribbon & large needles, sari fabric and the bottom one using thin wool with big needles & gradually adding two more wool strands.
samples with different string, a shredded charity shop scarf, bobbly wool & a sample knitted with different pieces of lace and ribbon.
two samples made with different thicknesses of nylon guitar strings, and one made with copper wire & thread.
experimenting with knit & purl, and making a rib.
samples with thick yarn, and using three and five wools on thin and thick needles.
everything is in creams and browns because we are restricted to a neutral colour palette on this project. at first i thought this was going to be a total nightmare as i love colour & that's usually the first thing i take my inspiration from, but it's actually quite refreshing to concentrate on texture instead!
this project is all about "multiples", so i'm looking at cobwebs and architectural details.
i can't remember if i said in my last post, but i recently got an offer from sheffield, yay! they sent me an email about accommodation the other day, scary stuff.
i listed 16 new items of jewellery in my shop yesterday, including this cute little dalmatian necklace! i'm also offering free postage on all orders throughout this month, just use the code DECEMBER at checkout to receive the discount! it's valid on international orders as well as domestic ones, so now is the time to treat yourself! (or buy christmas/hanukkah/other denomination holiday presents, whatever floats your boat).


  1. I am so jealous of the stuff you're doing on your course! I'm so tempted to give up on A-Levels, find a knitting course and go and sit in a field and knit scarves and mittens for a living, oh dear!

    That necklace is so cute, love it!

  2. My goal for the upcoming Christmas break is to start a knitting project and actually complete it (which I never do). You're an inspiration!

    Mabel Time

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