Tuesday, 20 December 2011

strawberry fields

here are a couple of things i've bought lately!
i bought this man's bow tie for £1 from a charity shop a few weeks ago, and it is so cool! it doesn't photograph that well because it's velvet, but it's a beautiful burgundy colour in real life.
i love the androgynous look, and i wish i could pull it off but i think i wear too much pastel & own too many skirts! i'm going to put this in my "outfits to consider corner" and it may reappear on here soon!
(just joking, i don't have a corner like that in my room. i meant the metaphorical corner in my head)
i also bought this teapot & teacup combination on the same day in a different charity shop, but also for just £1! after a long time thinking that i didn't like tea, i've been doing a fair bit of experimenting & realised that i just hadn't found my winning sugar-and-milk combination. which is; milk and three sugars. yes, three.
it just seemed like fate that i should find this strawberry emblazoned teapot just sitting on a shelf, seeing as i bought a strawberry emblazoned plate just a couple of weeks ago & strawberry fields is the name of my jewellery shop!
(which, by the way, is still offering free postage until january with the code DECEMBER! i know, i know, i'm so good to you!)

it also has my name on the bottom of the teacup! fate, i tell you.
this is a knitted tie i'm working on! i'm going to give it to my dad for christmas. provided i get it finished in time, of course!
i'm thinking about making some knitted ties & bow ties for the shop, what do you think? i really love men's accessories, and i think they could be a really quirky addition to the shop! knitted ties were pretty big in the 70s/80s (forgive me, i cannot remember which), so it would be perfect for a vintage gent. if they sell well, i could also make some mini hairbows for girls too!
goodbye for now, i've scheduled another post for some time this week! hope you're all having a lovely winter.


  1. Thank-you for the comment my lovely, cute bow! I wish I could knit!

  2. Ohhhhh I just love that tea pot!!!! I must say though, you're not a very good British person not liking tea until recently :P


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