Tuesday, 27 December 2011

wheels on fire, rolling down the road

happy post-christmas everyone! i hope you all had a lovely time, and are pleased with your presents. i had a cracking christmas, i discovered that i love parsnips & ate far too many jelly beans for my own good.
i also received some really lovely presents, i'm so pleased! i got a tripod & a camera remote (which i used to take these photos) which are going to be so useful for doing photoshoots with my jewellery! i also got a vinyl to mp3 converter that i've been experimenting with today, i'm so happy because it was one of the few things i'd asked for.
i'll probably post about most of my gifts individually over the next few weeks, rather than all at once so i have plenty of things to post about. plus, i'd rather get back into the swing of regular posting!
i went to pick up my laptop from my mum's today (i spent christmas with my dad & his family), and opened a few presents from her side of the family while i was there. my sister got me the lovely red lipstick i'm wearing in these photos, it's a gorgeous raspberry red colour. very happy, as i'd asked for a red lipstick! it's called mischief & is from topshop.
my mum got me an eyebrow palette & some foundation, which i'd also asked for! i'm not wearing the foundation in the pictures, but i did do a bit of experimenting with the eyebrows! i'm pretty inexperienced at putting on make up as usually i just stick on a bit of mascara, but i'm actually quite excited about learning how to properly apply it. bit lame, but i've always felt a bit self conscious about it. i was exceedinly careful applying it today as i didn't want to look like frank n furter. my mum also got me some vintage hair & make up books (which i'll post about soon!), which i'm looking forward to trying out looks from.
outfit is pretty insignificant, i just happened to be wearing this today.
also thought i'd take a picture of my ~christmas nails~ as i will probably take them off soon! i really should have taken pictures when i first painted them, as they're a bit chipped now.
can't really go wrong with red & sparkly green. that's my remote in my other hand by the way, and yes i know i don't have to have it in the shot i was just trying it out.
right, i'm off to go & catch up on all the christmas telly i missed, ab fab in particular!
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  1. ooh gorgeous lippy and nails! glad you had a good time, still hate parsnips though x


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