Friday, 23 December 2011

it was cold and it rained and i felt like an actor

hello! seeing as i have more free time than usual (or rather i have more free time that i should be spending working), i thought i'd post an outfit with the petticoats i bought a few weeks ago.
i can't take any full length photos at the moment because my camera just won't focus properly in the low light for some reason, so you'll have to make do with these mid length shots! the skirt/petticoat is quite long & ends a couple of inches below my knees. i was a bit worried about how long they were, but i actually really like it!
skirt/petticoat - charity shop, tshirt - h&m, scarf - vintage, tights - topshop.
i think this outfit was in danger of being a bit twee, before i put the scarf with it. i don't generally wear scarves,  i've had this one for years & never really worn it, but i think it really works with the skirt and adds a bit more neutral colour to the whole ~ensemble~. also, they really work with my brogues (not that you can see them!)
i'm quite busy this week! thursday i'm going out for a meal with some of the fashion & textiles lot from college, then going to a friend's house to watch the made in chelsea christmas special, and on friday i'm having a bit of a reunion at my house to catch up with everyone who's been away! i'm so excited, it's rare i actually have this much in my social calendar, paha!
this is probably going to be my last post before christmas, so i hope you all have a lovely time whatever you're doing!


  1. Ohh the outfit looks lovely sweet, you're right the scarf does finish it off perfectly! I also love your room, the colour is gorgeous. Just found your blog, really excited by it, it's lovely! xx

  2. Love the scarf:)Great blog


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