Thursday, 3 March 2011

take a sad song & make it better

two weeks ago today, it was my first day in london on the art trip. it is very odd to look back on it like that now, as the trip seemed to be over so quickly it hardly seems like i've been at all. anyway, i've been meaning to post some of my photos from the trip, so here they are;
jess, me, alethea, catherine, lucy, our legendary art teacher mrs fitz, naomi, hannah & amanda in the hotel lobby, just before going out on our first night in london! there are quite a few versions in this photo, & in literally all of them my eyes are shut, classic.
i think this is possibly one of my favourite pieces of work that i saw while in london, in the tate modern. it really was breath-taking, & ridiculously cool. although i was kind of disappointed that you're not allowed to walk on it any more (toxic paint & too much dust was being created apparently).

venus of the rags, or gratuitous ass shot. this piece of work amused me, although i'm fairly certain it wasn't supposed to.
portobello market. it was raining that day so i didn't take many photographs.

 lace sculpture/installation piece in the textiles area in the v&a.

 suitcase by tracey emin. lucy & i spent all our time in the tate modern & tate britain searching for some of tracey's textiles pieces, & we were really disappointed that we couldn't find any, so seeing this in the v&a pretty much made our days!
wagamama in covent garden on the last night, me looking very unglamourous on the end. this evening was lovely, i've never been to wagamama before but my stir fry/curry thing was so nice! i may have to start eating there more often.
after we came out of wagamama, we saw a small crowd & i could hear the sounds of a beatles song being played on acoustic guitar so we all went over to see what was going on, & the sweetest busker in the world was serenading about 50 people! we joined in & sang along - especially when he played hey jude, that was pretty much the high point of the entire trip for me! - for about an hour and a half, it was such a lovely way to spend our last night.
lucy snapped a picture of me being very studious & taking pictures of the exhibits in the british museum. all the teachers had scared us into doing 2 hours of solid drawing as punishment for "not doing enough work", despite the majority of us (ie. lucy, amanda & i) working like dogs for the past three days, so lucy & i were collecting evidence by taking pictures of each other sketching.
i really love this photo, despite the fact my hair is a totally scraggled mess. but hey, the effect is pretty nice.
i'm altering/making two pairs of shorts at the minute, & i have two birthday parties coming up so hopefully you can look forward to me writing me about all of those things on here, goodbye for now! (:


  1. Wow, sounds like it was a good trip, and fabby photos! Can't wait to see the posts on the shortsx

  2. those are some very intresting pictures , i love them xoxo

  3. Nice blog!
    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much!

  4. It looks like you had fun! Aha, you go to school with people I went to first school with! Small world :D


  5. Such fab photos, I haven't been to London for so long, I used to love English lit trips!


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