Sunday, 20 March 2011

we are beautiful, we are doomed

anyone who follows me on twitter may be aware of my ebay bidding war for a cardigan; well thankfully i won & here is that very cardigan!
i think it is lovely. it's very warm & comfortable (something slightly lacking in my wardrobe as i seem to have a major incapacity for buying practical things) and, as it is about a size 14/16 it is a great, slightly oversized fit for me - which is just what i was looking for. the knit pattern is lovely, & it even has pockets. score.
however, the buttons were just a little bit dull for my taste, so after a little bit of deliberation & rooting around in my sewing box, i swiftly changed them.

what do you think? i used two packets of buttons which i bought in spitalfields market last summer & had been looking to use for a while. i think they look pretty good, & also it means that this is a completely unique item of clothing, which is always nice. the only downside is that these buttons are too big to fit through the buttonholes, unless i make them bigger, although i have no idea how i would even begin to go about doing that. however, i never really wear cardigans buttoned up, so this should suffice for now.

a closer look at the buttons, some are gold rimmed, others are not. quirky.
please forgive me for these arms, for i know not what they do.
this is sort of what i wore for red nose day, except i swapped my paddington shorts for this skirt when i got back home because it's much more comfortable. (this outfit is totally comfort over style, that never normally happens for me. how odd. how bizarre.)

cardigan - ebay & diy, red nose day tshirt - vivienne westwood for tk maxx, skirt - topshop, necklace - car boot sale.
i can't really describe how much in love i am with this tshirt. vivienne westwood is one of the few designers that i actually like, so obviously when a comic relief tshirt featuring a red-nosed, framed rowan atkinson as edmund blackadder designed by ms westwood comes along, it pretty much had to be mine immediately.
i have always loved red nose day, for me it is a wonderfully charitable, and uniquely british, tradition. i watched almost all of the show on friday night, & the highlight for me had to be paul & ringo's appearance in the smithy sketch! hilarious, & very well done. yesterday i actually downloaded the sketch & some behind the scenes action from itunes (which you should all do, because it is excellent & all the profits go to charity), & i am very glad i did because there was much more paul mccharmley - including him saying that he felt intimidated in the presence of the harry potter actors, aww.

i also wore my we are beautiful and we are doomed badges from the los campesinos! album i bought from amazon last week. i've actually been a fan for a while, but have been stuck listening to them on spotify as i always find buying albums such a hassle. this may be far too philosophical a point for my humble little blog, but i feel almost as if that phrase sums up the human race; we are all beautiful, but we are all inevitably doomed to die. something which becomes even more acute on nights such as comic relief, & given the recent atrocities in japan & libya.
sorry if that's a tad maudlin for a sunday evening.

a close up of said tshirt - which, much like stella mccartney's beatles shirt from 2009, is probably going to be worn on a lot more occasions than just red nose day.
also, is it just me, or was series two when blackadder really started to get attractive? no? just me with the strange old man crushes then. and on that bombshell, i wish you good morrow (or something more appropriately elizabethan which edmund would say).


  1. I love that cardigan! The new buttons are gorgeous x

  2. thanks for your comment on my blog. yours is super cute too! x


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