Sunday, 13 March 2011

sloane square

a month or so ago, there was a vintage fair in newcastle which i had a browse around for an hour or two. i've been to this fair a few times in the past, & i think some of the newer stalls are more expensive than the older ones, which is a bit of a shame. also, the arts & crafts stall wasn't there this time so i was a bit disappointed. however, i did manage to get a couple of nice pieces;
the first thing i bought was this truly lovely jumper, for only £5! it was buried in a rather sad looking pile of other knitted items, so i couldn't resist having a bit of a dig to see what i could find, which was pretty lucky as i adore this jumper. the shade is a wonderful lavender, & the collar is such a lovely detail. the style is very 80s according to mother, but not in a brash disco way (as, to quote daniel desario, disco sucks!) in a sloane ranger, princess diana way.
i wore this jumper to school the other day, so here you have it with my charcoal grey school trousers. the trousers do in fact have a very subtle purple stripe running through them, so if you look very closely (and i mean very closely) they do match a teeny bit.
jumper - vintage, trousers - warehouse, brooch - gift, bracelet - spanish market.
i also splashed out on this pair of shorts, which were £18 so they were a tad expensive - although i did talk the woman on the stall down from £20, so i consider that a small victory, & the same pair would probably have been about £25-30 in topshop. when i bought them, they were about a size 12 so mother & i altered them & moved the waistband up a bit.
you can't really see the print here much, but there are little black hearts dotted all over the shorts & a thin lace trim on the bottom. pretty cute i think!
not clothing related, but at the fair there was a little music memorabilia stall where i spotted a lovely jimi hendrix patch for £2. his eyes look a little odd & i can't work out what the writing says, but i just had to buy it. i'm not really sure what i shall be doing with it, i think it will join my beatles love me do patch in the diy quandary box.


  1. I love the jumper! The shorts are really nice too x

  2. You found some lovely things in the vintage fair! I was very unsuccessful last time, I totally agree with the prices going up! And I found the stalls I little repetitive this time round!


  3. thank you for the comment!
    brilliant shorts, love them

  4. That lilac jumper is such a great find, the color is beautiful! Loving those highwaisted shorts, they look perfect for spring :)


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