Saturday, 26 February 2011

cheese twist & shout

so, on thursday night i had a 1960s themed party for my birthday, & it went pretty well! 60s clothes were worn, beatles songs were danced to & psychedelic jelly was eaten. mother & i made some jelly for the occasion, as well as putting out other snacks with place cards saying "cheese twist and shout", "rock-a-hula-hoop baby" & "mustang salsa" among others!
this is what i wore for the party, the outfit has been put on here a few times so i won't show a full length version again, but i did want to display my twiggy inspired eye make-up (:
dress - ebay, necklace - gift.
forgive the daft pose & the vapid facial expression, but i was pressed for time.

photographs from el noche!
my friend joanna brought her fish eye camera for the night, so here is my bizarre face all distorted for your viewing enjoyment.

laughing, as ever.

the cakes that one of my good friends made for me - 60s themed of course! oh, and waz is my nickname. don't ask why, it's not a name i favour.

grooving away to george harrison, as that night was his birthday!

kate & i
so there you have it, my 18th birthday celebrations in a nutshell.
i had a really good night, thanks to some great friends & acquaintances who were more than happy to forgo alcohol for my sake; what lovely people they are!
edit: oh yes, & i have changed the name of my blog from thoughts from another kook to simply kook. i've been wanting a change for a while, and this seemed more than fitting.


  1. Aww looks like you had a good time, happy belated 18th! and your outfit and make-up looked awesome xx

  2. Your eyes look amazing, you should definately do your makeup like this more often! Glad to hear the 60s party was a success too, it looks like it was a lot of fun :D

  3. Looks like so much fun, LOVE your makeup x

  4. love your outfit!! wouldn't have thought the white tights and dress would look so awesome :P

  5. haha looks like loads of fun! your make up looks perfect!! my eyeliner is always so wonky!xx

  6. cute blog! x


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