Friday, 11 March 2011

but you've got to have friends.

this time last week, i was at my friend charlotte's house party, which was a pretty good night! wild, as expected. there aren't many photos with me in them, partly because my camera was the designated camera of the evening & was spirited away from me on more than one occasion. also it wasn't really a group photo kind of party, but there are some which i thought i would post here (:
kate & me. i'm looking ridiculously washed out in this picture, flash is not my friend.
me & beth. charlotte has a pretty extensive collection of hats; farmery ones (as she lives in the country wilderness), victorian top hats & oriental straw ones to name but a few.
as you can see, i of course tried on many of the hats throughout the evening.
kate, jess & i.
i really kind of love this photo, even though i look silly & awkward, but i really do love these two more than anything. and yes, soppy post alert, but i will miss them so much when they leave for uni next year & i go to college. i've known kate since i was four, & jess since year 9, & they are two of the best friends i have ever had. it's really nice to have photos like these to look back on when i'm not feeling too great, like tonight for example because i've been feeling a bit lonely recently. i can't say why, i just feel that way sometimes, regardless of how daft or untrue that may be, but it is a total comfort to know i do actually have great friends that i can count on.
okay, emotions back in their box for now! tomorrow i'm going to have a bit of a look around oxfam for clothes, books & some material i can cut up & use for art. if i get anything particularly lovely i shall post about it. (:


  1. You don't look silly and awkward, you look happy and lovely!

  2. I love that last photo, you are so pretty!


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