Saturday, 26 March 2011

dear readers

i'm sorry that it's been about a week since i last posted, but i'm about to explain why.
lately i've been feeling completely buried by work, & i'm not sure whether it has shown in my posts or not, but i really feel like i've been struggling both in my personal life & at school. whether this is obvious to other people is irregardless, but i need a break. i can't remember if i've mentioned it on here before or not, but my two spanish speaking exams (the year 13 exam and the resit) have been put on the same days as my art exam (which is a 3 day exam) in may. i know it's far off now, but it doesn't feel that way. i've been stressing over this ever since i found out about it, and therefore i've been tryign to concentrate on my work, but getting too stressed to work, which in turn only makes me more stressed. a vicious circle, as you can probably imagine. in fact, i was talking to two of my art teachers about the situation last night and ended up in tears, and then had to walk home in tears. it was horrible, & i could not stop feeling miserable for hours. in fact, i haven't really stopped feeling that way for a long time, and i can't keep feeling like this.
so it is for that reason that i have deleted my tumblr, and i shall also be taking a break for my blog for the time being. this might last a week, two weeks or maybe until june, i'm undecided. basically, when i feel up to posting & i have suitable time inbetween my studies then i will post (it isn't that i haven't the ideas for posting, just not the time or the motivation). this is possibly the most intense, stressful period of my life (as anyone doing a levels, or the equivalent, will know) so i feel like i not only need to take more time for my studies and for preparation for my art exam, but i need to relax and take more time for myself.
thank you to everyone who follows or reads this blog, i could not be writing here without all of your support. please bear with me in this short hiatus, i promise this does not mean i will be deleting this blog as i love posting here. thank you and good bye (for now).
yours sincerely, charlotte.


  1. Aw Charlotte, your reasons are totally justifiable & I think it's ridiculous about the exam clashes! Hope everything goes well and you perk up soon xx

  2. *sends big squishy hugs*
    sorry your having a rough time right now,
    I hope it passes soon
    (also, my inbox is always open if you want a listening ear)


  3. Aww sweetie I can understand your stress, the way your exams have been scheduled is just awful :( I hope you make it through this difficult period successfully and come back to blogging when you're ready and refreshed.
    Best wishes!


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