Monday, 7 March 2011

i'd like to take you out for tea, & for biscuits.

on saturday, my friend alix had a tea party at a tea room in a local seaside town (look at me trying to be all obscure with my geographical references, paha). it was a properly lovely afternoon, even if i was still tired from another friend's party the night before (pictures to follow as soon as i get my camera back, silly old me left my camera at her house). anyway, this is my outfit below;
blouse - car boot sale, shorts - homemade, cardigan - vintage, hat - topshop, tights - topshop, socks - gift (next), necklace - gift (urban outfitters).
i thought it would be a perfect opportunity for me to wear my new homemade shorts as the print has little sandwiches & cakes, as well as paddington bears. as we were going for afternoon tea, something oh so english, i thought i would dress with a certain theme as you can't really get more english than a bowler hat, tea & paddington bear.
here is more of a close-up of the shorts, although it's not a great photograph. the pattern we got for the shorts was actually really difficult as we had to alter the sizing slightly because i wanted them to be more high-waisted than the pattern suggested. i also forgot to take a picture of the socks i was wearing which i got as a present recently, and i am totally in love with! they are knee high & cable knit in a lovely beige-y colour.
here is the lovely spread we had laid out for us! everything was so cute & miniature, & the shortbread, as i think i bored people by saying far too many times, was a-ma-zing.
me (doing the mother of all awkward poses), lauren, alix (the birthday girl), cathryn & kate in the tea room.
that's all folks, goodbye for now! (:


  1. I love those shorts, they're absolutely adorable x

  2. those shorts are the most amazing thing ever!

  3. You and your friends are so cute and WAIT SIDE TRACK WOAH YOU MADE THOSE SHORTS?! Ah, they're INCREDIBLE. So well made and beyond adorable. I loooooove it!

    So, in conclusion, you rock.

  4. I can never tire of your Britishness and this is just fabulous! Paddington Bear AND tea and scons! You're seriously living the dream, your outfit is perfect and the food looks marvelous, I can understand why you were gushing, I'd be totally hyperventilating from the awesomeness-overload ;D


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