Thursday, 17 March 2011

blue suede shoes.

hello again. i realise i'm getting a bit lackadaisical with posts again guys, & i do apologise but i've been working so hard on art lately i haven't really had time to do anything else.
due to this slight work addiction, all my shopping has been relegated to online browsing (apart from my little oxfam raid which i will write about at the weekend) & therefore i have bought some lovely new shoes.
the colour hasn't quite come out right on the pictures, but they are a wonderful mint green pair of boat shoes. or at least i think they are boat shoes, they are more loafer-y than i expected.

it's red nose today tomorrow & our school has a thing where we have to wear red, so i shall be wearing these with my paddington shorts & blackadder red nose day shirt as i think they will go together pretty well.

sorry for the short update again, but i am in so much of a rush these days. today i met my new spanish tutor who i'm going to start seeing evert thursday, which leaves me with only one free weekday every fortnight, urgh. but still, i do desperately need to get on with revision for my AS speaking resit so in the end it will all work out for the best. goodbye for now (:


  1. those shoes are adorable! I am so on the hunt for a pair x

  2. those are so cute. i really want a navy pair

  3. omg!! these shoes are so effin cute!! i really see it in so many possibilites of either dressing up or dressing down..such a versatile shoes!!

  4. these shoes are cute! i want a pair of boat shoes myself which is a similar style to this. lovely blog :) x


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