Saturday, 4 December 2010

generic post title mentioning snow.

sorry it's been a while since we last talked, i've been feeling a bit ill & uninspired and, not wanting to burden you all with my dullness, i stayed silent.
this week, as i'm sure my british readers will confirm, has been fairly chaotic due to everybody freaking out over the large amount of snow we have received recently. we've missed three days of school this week, which is good in some respects as i had a chance to meet up with some friends & enjoy a spot of well-deserved rest, but bad in others as it means sadly my fellow a-level students & i have no excuse for not doing work.
anyway, a couple of my friends & i had a walk in our local park for the day. it was lovely, and it really reminded me how absolutely beautiful the natural world can be sometimes. i mean, nothing manmade even comes close.
the park has a river running through it, and the oxbow lake beside it was pretty much frozen over! we decided to take a walk down to the bird-watching shelter which is in a completely isolated part of the park where the snow was completely undisturbed, & as we got there it started snowing heavily again.
i quite like this picture, even though i have a complete moonface. my hair & skin are completely wrecked thanks to central heating, stinging cold weather & being mashed under hats. that last one only applies to my hair, obviously, which resembles a bad wig at the moment.
my giveaway ends at midnight tonight, so you still have a good 9 hours to enter!
now i must return to my english coursework, or find yet more inventive ways to avoid it.
ps. both photographs stolen from my friend kate.


  1. :( I want snow too! In Greece yesterday it was too hot! Let it snow! You are lucky!

  2. I have sooo much snow at my house!think im snowed in as of this afternoon! eek! xo


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