Sunday, 28 November 2010

freak out in a moonage daydream

hey guys!
last night i went to a friend's 18th birthday party at the local pub which was a pretty good night! it was my brother's birthday yesterday too so we had roast chicken for dinner & then a triple layer chocolate cake which my mum made - it was so good, but far too chocolatey for me!
for the party, i wore my new lace skirt which mother & i have been making for the past week;
i really love it! and i'm also pretty proud that i managed to do quite a bit of the work for it. my mum is much more experienced than me at dressmaking and because lace is really tricky to sew she did the final stitching together of everything!
shirt - vv brown concert, skirt - homemade, tights - ebay, necklace - h&m kids, lace bow - gift.
this is such an awkward pose!
as it is a very girly skirt, i wanted to wear it quite casual. preferrably i would have liked to wear it with a smiths or a clash tshirt, but my hours of endless searching on ebay for a nice yet affordable one of each those has been pretty fruitless.
i have decided that lace is pretty much my favourite fabric ever.
most of the pictures of me from the party are blurred mugshots or of me in full dad dancing mode, so here are some feet in the snow (:


  1. Charlotte, that skirt is beautiful! You and your mum have a real talent! x

  2. Beautiful skirt! Lace is my favourite fabric too... I wish all my clothes had a little lace on them! I like your bedroom too! :)

  3. Wow. I'm putting making my own skirt and wearing it on my bucket list!

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  4. That skirt is amazing and by far nicer than any skirt I've seen in the shops lately, you and your mum are a great team!

  5. Skirt =homemade?!?!??!
    Ah well I'm jealous I have to say.
    Impressive! And I love patterned tights also.

    And oh my how i love RICH chocolately things :)

    P.s I've finally got a new post up!


  6. your skirt is so, so pretty darling, ecspecially paired with those tights.

  7. Gorgeous outfit!!!!! girl you look stunning!


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