Thursday, 23 December 2010

it's christmas & you're boring me

merry christmas eve eve followers! both christians & non-christians alike (:
i don't know if you remember me saying, but this monday i went to a winter ball organised by my school's events team. it was a really good night, even if there was the odd bit of dramatics here & there - like the fact the hotel kicked us out an hour earlier than billed! silly people.
this is what i wore;
atrocious photograph quality, but i took this when i got back & i was tired!
dress - dorothy perkins, jacket - dorothy perkins, tights - primark, necklace - homemade via tynemouth craft market, bracelets - gifts, wristband - school events team.
i've never worn this jacket out before, but i love it so much! i bought it for £10 (reduced from £60ish, score!)  in the dorothy perkins sale in january & was unsure of how to wear it, but i got a fair few compliments about it on monday night so i'm pretty pleased!

here follow some gratuitous shots of me & my friends, feel free to skip past these - or alternately you could giggle at how silly my posing-with-friends face is & how unnecessarily shiny my outfit appears with the use of flash.

laura & me.

kate & i with the free candyfloss, this is my version of an open bar baby!

cathryn, me & harriet.
shiny shiny shiny!

naomi, beth, charlotte, kate, me (aka floating head in the back), cathryn & catherine. spot the double names.
grooving on the dancefloor to various music atrocities - the highlight of my night was when they played passenger by iggy pop... and the dancefloor was immediately virtually empty apart from me getting far too into it! it seems i'm a bit of a music pariah in my sixth form.
this is going to be my last post before christmas, so i wish you all glad tidings & christmas felicitations etcetera! peace & love (:
ps. in reference to this post title, i urge you all to check out slow club & their christmas EP. the songs from this album are quickly making their way up my most played list this month.


  1. Merry Christmas, lovely :)
    You look fantastic, I am completely in love with your blazer!
    love <3
    ps. Your package arrived today. Thank you so so so so much! It is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you xxx

  2. such a gorgeous little dress :)

    and i love the popcorn/candyfloss container

  3. I absolutely adore your dress... Ohhh I want so much to go to a party.... :(

  4. I am in love with your jacket! That is seriously amazing! I also love your dress. You look so pretty and it looks like a fun time!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  5. Such a lovely outfit. That jacket is all kinds wonderful!


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