Thursday, 16 December 2010

do you want to know a secret?

remember ages ago when i asked people to ask me questions, and then didn't answer them? haha yeah, me too. well, i do apologise for the delay, but i shall answer them now!
jenny asked; what is your favourite item of clothing?
gosh, this is difficult. i think this changes from time to time for me, but i am most definitely a skirt/dress person so i would have to choose my blue & white patterned skirt (that you can probably see best here) which my mother & i made. i bought it for £4 at a vintage fair about a year & a half ago, it was about a size 18 but the fabric was so pretty i had to buy it! mother & i altered it and shortened the length, then changed the buttons & the waistband. i love it because i can wear it smart or casual, & even though it frays quite a bit i am still very proud of it - and also i think it was the start of my love affair with vintage clothing.
minna asked; which is your favourite beatles song & why?
this is such a difficult question! i think because you said "why" means that i should choose a meaningful song, & not just your average "i love i saw her standing there" answer (even though that is one of my favourites!). if forced to choose, i think my favourite beatles song would have to be dear prudence, this is a song that literally takes me to another place. i just think it is beautiful, & whenever i listen to it, i instantly feel brighter & happier. for now, this is my favourite beatles song - although it will probably change within the hour!
georgina asked; what is your main reason or main reasons for blogging and why did you start your blog?
hmm, this is a good question! i think my main reasons for blogging are because i like to write, i like to write about things i like & i like to read about other like-minded people. could i like, have used the word like any more in that sentence? on some level i also like to have a bit of recognition for the things that i do; like art, jewellery & some of the clothes i've started making, because it's nice to know what i could do if i choose to set up an etsy shop in the future. blogging is also about documenting things, like my memories & progress in my aformentioned work. i started blogging because a couple of my friends had blogs, they kind of moved on to other things but i discovered a real love for blogging in the past year. having a blog is also a nice connection to the outside world, where i feel i have an outlet for all things creative & emotional.
lexy asked; where do you see yourself in five years?
this is really very tricky, to be frank i can't really see past the next year of my life. i'll be 22, and i'll probably be in my last year of uni, hopefully in some kind of art course. i might have some kind of etsy/ebay store by then, with hopefully some kind of career prospect under my belt. i honestly could not tell you where i'll be, as i do not even know myself.

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  1. Ahh yes set up an Etsy shop! All your clothing is lovely. I checked out that blue/white skirt you linked and am quite a fan -it looks so flowy, pretty and comfy :)
    I'd probs wear it with a white tee also.

    And helllooooooo beatles.

    P.s new post up!


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