Sunday, 19 December 2010

the korova milkbar

last night i went to the fancy dress 18th birthday party of two friends of mine which was a pretty amazing night. even though i'm such an old person i was freaking exhausted by about half ten!
i decided to go dressed as alex delarge from a clockwork orange, given as this was one of my many abandoned outfit ideas for hallowe'en. i'm reading the book at the minute, and it is so good! slightly confusing & a bit odd, but unbelievably brilliant.
this is pretty much the nicest i looked all night, ha. my fringe soon became an utter mess. i probably should have made the eye make-up more obvious, but this was my third attempt & my eye was serrrriously starting to sting! liquid eyeliner is most definitely not my friend.

cathryn, me, kate & alix.
half time refreshments.

myself & lucy - see what i mean about my fringe?

birk & i, not sure this pose is entirely in keeping with my character's mentality.

kiran, kate & i. i totally knew i was going to blink in this photo, oh dear.

here is my dancing face; admit it, you have one too!

i told you i could throw some shapes! paha, this is such a ludicrous shot.
our school winter ball is on monday, so i may post some pictures from that soon - hopefully some ones of me where i actually look nice. wouldn't that be something. my friend cathryn is having a birthday party two days after christmas, which is 1940s themed & i am quite excited! i think i may have become a slight social butterfly this december.


  1. Ahhh, party with theme... I've never been to one... :( I really really like your dress, it's amazing! Don't worry about your fringe... Mine is much worse!

  2. Looks like a fun night. Great costume idea too!

  3. I have that exact problem with my bangs! I am chopping 'em off today because I can't stand how they keep parting in the middle no matter what I do. :P

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  4. Hello from a new follower! I see we have a lot in common, I too like Laura Marling, the 60s, , flight of the conchords, sylvia plath, oscar wilde and scrabble.

    I'm from FOTC country actually! (: I love the blog, too dear. These photos are so lively and fun-looking!

  5. I like your blog, and I'm following!

    I'd love if you followed back :)


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