Tuesday, 28 December 2010

i'm glad of what keeps me afloat

merry happy christmas dears, i trust you all had a lovely time! my christmas was lovely (except for the food poisoning that kept me awake from 2am christmas morning, but i won't go into further details as it was not pleasant) & i shall post about presents & things once i see my father & open the presents from his side of the family.
while staying with some family over the holiday, i had the chance to take some photographs of my cousin for my art project which were based on some of the pictures i talked about in this post. i'm really pleased with the way they turned out, especially as i'm really not an experienced photographer. also, my cousin is ridiculously pretty so she took the picture quality up a notch.

practising my mad photoshop skillz.

i can't decide if i prefer this with a blue tint, or the original version.

this is supposed to be to millais' portrait of ophelia, i think it sort of works. even though that facial expression of my cousin's was accidental.
i plan to blow one of these up & draw it in pencil, hopefully with the aid of a friend's projector.
i shall be posting quite frequently over the next week or so, as i have yet more wisdom to impart. or just things to write about, potato patato.


  1. These are lovely photos x

  2. These are beautiful. I love the blue tint.


  3. These look so good! I adore the blue tint.
    That suckkksss about food poorly ness though, I hope you're feeling better now xx

  4. your cousin is beautifulllll! :O

  5. Wow, these are fabulous and your cousin IS gorgeous.

  6. So awesome. Seriously, I love the blue tinted one, but the original have some extraordinary lightning too! :D Very, very nice!


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