Tuesday, 1 June 2010

europop is my life

or not.
this post is quite delayed, as i've been absent from the interweb world for about 3 days now - due to festivals (photos of which will be up here in the next few days hopefully, as soon as everyone's go up on that dreaded social networking site) & computer incompetance.
my friend had a eurovision song contest gathering last saturday & we all watched it together. if you watched it, you may have seen that the united kingdom came rather embarrassingly last, with only dix poit. but i was dressed as france, & they did rather well!
i was pretty pleased with my france inspired outfit actually, basically it's just nautical clothing with eiffel tower adorned accessories.
playsuit - ebay, tshirt - h&m, tights - mother's (but possibly of marks & spencer origin), scarf - vintage fair, necklace - gift, hair bow - asos, earrings - sugar & vice designs.
i actually love any excuse to dress up, fancy dress especially. i never had many dressing up clothes as a kid, which i think is why i adore it so much as an "adult".

the lighting in my room is terrible (curse you dim lampshades and energy saving lightbulbs!) so i apologise for the bad photographs. of course, i had to have an obligatory pose with my eiffel tower souvenir - £1 from a charity shops, thank you very much!

i really love the way the gold of this neckalce goes with the yellow fleur de lises (spelling fail), well in my head it does anyway! i thought the gingham mismatch looked pretty cute too, i do love a spot of gingham, perhaps because it reminds me of my first school days? without getting too lolita about it, obviously.

where would a good french outfit be without a curly moustache, i ask you? nowhere, that's where. a guy in the year above me has this tattooed on his finger, which i think is insanely cool! i'd love to get a quirky tattoo like this, even though hand tattoos are supposed to be unbelievably excruciating, & they fade a lot too apparently.
also - i don't know why this important, but it felt worth mentioning - this may be one of the only photos on here where i am actually wearing make up, shocker!
bonjour to you all (and i mean this in the literal sense), i hope you're all having lovely days wherever you are - and those of you with exams like me, i wish you much luck! i should be revising right now actually, but sadly i fall victim to a lot of procrastination these days! i've taken to doing revision in half hour shifts, & taking 10 minutes reading breaks, but often i get very distracted. i finished reading the hotel new hampshire by john irving this morning, & i must say i didn't quite know what to make of it, it was very strange - has anybody else read it?


  1. that eurovision party is such a good idea!i'm going to have one next year! (i hope your friend doesn't mind me stealing her idea!) your outfit is adorable too :') i actually do have the hotel new hampshire but i've never gotten round to reading it, should i bother? xxx

  2. you certainly can! (:
    awww, thank you so much.
    i think it was good, it's just really weird so i wasn't sure how to take it (although i don't want to spoil it for you!), it is written very well though.

  3. Oh dayummm I forgot to watch Eurovision.
    Though lovely outfit - I tend to steal of the mother's clothes, similar to that (:


  4. Oh no! you shouldn't have mentioned the existence of Eurovision to someone like me who will never get to see it! :P j adore la outfit deary! (haha that is the best i can do!)

  5. ooh, yes i love dressing up too! i never had any of those disney princess dress as a child so go crazy for dress up now! hehe i really love your outfit, and overall style :)
    gingham is supposed to be big this summer so the playsuit is rather avant-garde! lol ahaha japanese style is awesome :P
    good luck in your exams!

  6. ahh i do love eurovision!
    yes, mother is always giving me her cast-offs!
    awww, thank you (:
    yay, i always love being accidentally in vogue haha!

  7. Oh that is so comical :)
    I love the mustache!


  8. hahaha cute mustache.. the overalls are adorable

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