Saturday, 12 June 2010

right as rain

it's so nice to legitimately have nothing to do, instead of feeling guilty that i should be revising or learning spanish vocabulary. even reading used to be a chore for english, as i had to constantly analyse the book & its language features as i went along. granted, this will all start again from monday but i'm enjoying my freedom while i can!
yesterday it was lovely & sunny, so i walked to the shops to buy some sweeties & a look magazine & then i sat outside reading whilst feeling far too suncreamed up.

this is what i wore - and no, i don't have ridiculously pale legs (although they're only a shade pinker) i was wearing some tights before i realised how warm it was outside.
i've been on the look out for an eiffel tower tshirt (i know, i am a hipster cliché) for quite some time now, but they've all been a bit pricey or not my taste. in the end, i decided to gamble & buy this one from matalan because it was rather cheap, & i do quite like it. i'm not quite sure how to wear it as of yet, as it's kind of see through & if i'm not careful i could end up looking like a sack of potatoes.
i've been wearing my playsuit underneath it, which i think looks alright, but i'll definitely be investing in some plain vests to wear with it in the future as the playsuit is made of quite thick material & that could be sweltering if the weather gets any hotter.
outfit details; tshirt - matalan, playsuit (underneath) - vintage via ebay, tights - unknown, bow - homemade.

i'm getting quite bored with my hair at the moment, it's kind of in that inbetween stage where it's too short to be long but also too long to be short. i like having it tied up in bows, so i found this piece of lace ribbon i had left over from my art exam & improvised.
edit; i like how you can see my abbey road poster in the background :')
i went shopping today with my friends & bought a couple of cute things, but i'll post about those tomorrow when i have more of a chance to take photos.
au revoir mes amies! bisous.


  1. I'm sure I saw you in town today!
    And I now sound like a stalker, but I was waiting for the bus and saw you or someone just the double. :')

    I love your hair bow


  2. ohh wow! i wish i'd seen you, if you see me again you have to come & say hello (:

    thank you!

  3. Haha I shall do next time! I'm really shy though :')


  4. Have you seen the liquorish promotion in look ?
    I'm working at the head office at the moment! It's 30% off :) xox

  5. awww, that's okay - i don't bite!

    ooh, i'll go back & take another look!

  6. Wow, I love every bit of this outfit from the beautiful lace in your hair down to the pearly tights, oh so lovely lovely :D

    Lots of love


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