Thursday, 3 June 2010

you said you'd marry me, if i were twenty three

last sunday, my friends and i went to evolution, which is our local festival. it was really good, even though the weather totally sucked so i couldn't wear my pre-selected festival outfit (yes, i plan them in advance sometimes).
we were really really cold so we sat for a bit & just listened to the music, i think we heard twenty twenty (who weren't very good in my opinion, but then it wasn't really my sort of music) and frankie & the heartstrings who sounded pretty good! then we stood and watched the futureheads - local boys! - and, please don't judge me on this, tinchy stryder. i'm really not a fan, but we were the only ones in our bit of the crowd who were actually dancing, which is always amusing. after that we saw calvin harris, while standing next to some completely nutty scottish people, who very nearly headbutted me. twice. lovely.
then we saw paolo nutini who really was amazing! i love him so much, & have done since the first album, i'm not one of those i-love-him-now-he's-mainstream fans. that's right, tracksuits of newcastle, i'm looking at you.

wrapped up warm & eating chips.

sheltering from the copious rain.

there is always, always time for silly faces.

paolo on stage! i love the way he sings, and that scottish accent, oh my.

most of the pictures i took were of the screen, as i just couldn't see the stage well enough, what with people walking around all over the place.

just look at the passion on that face, swoooon.

it was a cracking day, & i can now die happy after seeing paolo (:
my cousin is going to latitude with her parents, and as they're hiring a campervan they said i could go with them if i buy a ticket! hopefully i'll get some money together, i think the weekend ticket is about £200, which is a bit steep for my lowly bank account unfortunately. i really would like to go though, to see belle & sebastian, florence & the machine, laura marling and mumford & sons. too awesome a line up for words.
thank you to all of my followers, it really means so much that there are over 50 of you now! to officially say thank you, i'd like to do a giveaway, but i'll have to think of something special to give away first!


  1. sounds like had an awesome time! i wish me and my friends had booked leeds fest tickets earlier (sold out!! :'( )
    don't worry, i enjoy a bit of a rave to tinchy stryder down town too, hehe :P i listen to literally everything, even the chavy stuff lol!

  2. you neeeed to go, just for belle and sebastian!xox

  3. awww, i hate it when that happens!
    hahaa, i must say i'm quite broad in my tastes too (i hope).

    i do! i am like in love with that band.

  4. haha great post and photos!! look liked such a fun time! :) x

  5. Sounds like you had so much fun, and I want to see Paolo Nutini so badly! haha

  6. ooh looks like such fun!

    (i've seen laura marling + mumford and sons a few times, they are deliriously amazing!)

  7. thank you, it really was a good day!
    he is lovely (:

    ahhh i would so love to see mumford & sons!

  8. oh wow! i LOVE paoloo, think you already know that (a) hehe, isn't he just fab live? i've been to see him 3 times and loved it every single time! =D so jelous of youuu! XD
    and i love the post name ;) xox

  9. he is wonderrrrful live!
    i am so jealous of you seeing him so many times!
    haha why thank you (:


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