Thursday, 27 May 2010

i got a head full of ideas, that are drivin' me insane

yesterday, i got a lovely package in the post from maggie's farmm - who, by the way, is also having a sale. i bought an extremely cute blouse & a sweet dress. she's a lovely girl, & she also has a blog here, have a look at her vintage shop because her stuff is truly lovely. very well priced too, i generally don't make many purchases because the price plus postage to the uk can be pretty daunting for someone on my budget, but brynna's (incidentally, an awesome name) prices are ace.
also, it happens to be named after one of my favourite bob dylan songs - which is actually one of the reasons i looked at the shop; i swear, name your business after a beatles, bowie, hendrix or dylan song & i will come a-knockin'.
i was quite excited just to see the box to be quite honest with you, the first time i watched castaway when i was about 8 i thought that fedex was some kind of super secret spy organisation. i have no idea why, as that certainly wasn't alluded to in the film!

so cute! i loved this little touch.

i loved this as well! a scene from the graduate i do believe? i haven't seen this film & i've always wanted to.

and it came with some free handmade (i think) vintagey rings! i love these, they really suit the colours of the shirt i bought as well.
now, about that shirt.

excuse the silly poses please, but it was a case of impatience & limited camera time.
how cute are the frills though?! i think it's like a feminine version of a lumberjack shirt.

i decided to wear it with my black (shock horror!) high waisted skirt, which is more of a smart look for school. this is a pretty versatile shirt i think, i look forward to mixing it up a bit over the summer, slight cowgirl look perhaps?

i love these frills quite possibly more than words can say.
i'll post pictures of the dress soon, as i'm still not completely sure how to style it. it's a little bit outside my comfort zone clotheswise, i'm still pretty new to this vintage fashion business! i will just say it is a lovely periwinkle blue & has cute lace detail.

straw boater time! expect to be seeing a lot of this hat here, as i am quite addicted to it. apologies for the expression, i do look like an utter poser!

goodbye until later in the week dears, i've got english flashcards to make & psychological terms to learn!
i'm going to a friend's eurovision night party on saturday, then evolution festival on sunday (with paolo nutini, calvin harris, the futureheads and frankie & the heartstrings, eeep!) so i'll make sure to take pictures (:


  1. Have to pick up on the music here. Bob Dylan's early songs were a big influence on me. I loved Maggie's Farm, too, although my all time favourite was It's All Right Ma. And I used to do a neat Mr Tambourine Man of my own!

  2. you are too sweet! i'm really glad you like everything. the shirt looks super cute with that pencil skirt!

  3. i love bob dylan too, although i wish i could play some of his songs!

    thank you!

  4. the boater and blouse were made for each other!! love all the other goodies form the package too. :)


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