Friday, 18 June 2010

yes we're going to a party party

good evening, good evening, good evening, good evening!
i finally have my laptop back & running reasonably well, so now i can catch up with the posts i've been planning for a couple days. my mum's friend heard that i'm a pretty big sixties nerd, so she passed on a few things she thought i might like.
and, oh boy, do i like them.

a twiggy dress-up book (probably for ten year oldish girls from the sixties, but i can pretend) & a beatles programme from when she went to see the band in 1965!

the book has lots of lovely cut outs of clothes i wouldn't have minded owning myself - like that freakin' awesome pink suit-dress-thing.

the beatles programme is one of the loveliest things i have ever come across - it really means so much to me that i can actually own things like this. my parents & grandparents weren't big beatles fans, so the only way i can find out about them is to go looking myself & often the real stuff is far too expensive for my humble pockets. 'cause, i don't know if you've noticed, but stuff from these guys is in pretty high demand.
anyway, it's full of loads of black & white photographs of the boys & my mum's friend even included her actual ticket. squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal!

i'm only 45 years late, sigh.

aaaaaand the programme came with some mini posters of the boys themselves! (although none of them but george look all that happy)
today is actually paul mccartney's 68th birthday (and the birthday of a good friend of mine too!), so happy happy birthday paul, i've got my playlist of beatle lovelyness on in your honour (:


  1. 45 years late (:
    and happy birthday to both!
    wow, 60s were the chilled out times

  2. hahaha, its funny how they put the year on the ticket, they don' do that any more!
    im so envious of the twiggy dress up book! i used to love making paper dolls when i was younger :)


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