Tuesday, 8 June 2010

it's been a hard day's night.

try a hard day's week ringo! i have two exams out of the way now & only one to go. i just can't wait 'til they're over - and neither can you probably, as you'll be sick to death of hearing me blabber on about them! my english literature paper went quite well today, i managed to make use of the wider reading texts i knew the best, although the poetry section was a bit iffy i'm hoping i've done well. fingers crossed to the max over here.
last weekend my beatles dvds i ordered arrived, which made me so unbelievably ridiculously happy!
even though i accidentally ordered the wrong one because my eyes skipped straight to the low price on amazon, instead of the item description. never making that mistake again!

a hard day's night!
i was actually quite ashamed that i had never since this before saturday, seeing as i'm supposed to this big beatles fan and all. it is now quite firmly in my top ten favourite films of all time list (which is a pretty big deal, let me tell you) not just because it features my boys john paul george & ringo, but because it's so cute, so funny, and so beautiful. people don't tend to know this, but this film actually kind of changed cinema. it was quite revolutionary in its time, as it didn't have much of a storyline, was quite surreal & featured a lot of improvised filming. thanks to richard lester (the director), this kind of thing has become quite normal in our culture. in fact, many of the films i love have this kind of structure.

this is the dvd i ordered incorrectly. i thought it was the beatles' film a magical mystery tour, but it's actually a documentary about the making of their album of the same name. i love beatles documentaries, don't get me wrong, but it was still kind of disappointing as i wanted to see the psychedelic madness of their bus based adventures.
i'm not quite sure what to with this dvd, as it was only £4 i may as well watch it & keep it instead of sending it back. i may sell it/donate it to charity at some point, i'm undecided.
these two are joining my (ever growing, but still quite small) collection of beatles related dvds. so far i have nowhere boy;

a film which i adore, even if it isn't completely accurate. i just love the soundtrack, and the direction. i think i read somewhere that sam taylor-wood had a different colour palette for each of the main characters, which really shows when you watch it back. i love little details like that. also, it makes me so very happy to know that i have been to the places where it was filmed - including lennon's house!

my mother bought nowhere boy for me, and it came with this little photo book! it's so cute, and it has little biographies of the main actors which is pretty cool - even though i think poor thomas brodie sangster (who plays paul mccartney in the film) has been slightly shortchanged as his biography is only 3 lines.

one of my favourite photos in the book; the "nowhere boys" rehearsing their songs for the film. those 3 with the guitars play paul, george & john respectively.
i hope to be getting back to posting more regularly by the end of this week, i'll have more free time (hopefully!) and more things planned.
thank you all for bearing with me! and hello to my new follower (:


  1. I absolutely loved Nowhere Boy, i thought it was moving, heart-breaking, funny and generally wonderful. I haven't seen 'Hard days night' or 'Magical mystery tour' but i have seen 'Help!' which I adore.
    good luck with all of your exams sweetie :)

  2. Oh, wowowowow! I just ordered that same dvd this year from an uncle coming back home from the States.

    I just loved that film and found it hilarious. I watched it when I was younger and knew that I couldn't be a real beatles fan until I owned it myself. After reading my big copy of Beatle's Anthology it made the film much more fun to watch!

    I must admit I found the extras in the DVD a bit boring but I thoroughly enjoyed the film.

    I haven't seen Nowhere Boy yet because I'm afraid it won't do the boys justice or will be inaccurate. Is it worth a watch?

    B from A plus B">

  3. i feel the same way! i need to get a copy of help & the anthology too.

    nowhere boy is a lovely film, and although it isn't completely accurate i think it really captures john's troubled-teenagerness.
    it's worth watching for the music & the clothes too!


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