Wednesday, 23 June 2010

while my guitar gently weeps

last saturday my awesome friend joanna (who has quite the booty rave obsession) had an end of exams type celebration party. it's taken me a while to post about this, & i won't bore you again with my excuses but i assure you they exist! anyways, it was actually a truly amazing night - which was proclaimed on facebook many a time by my rather more inebriated friends, which caused us sober ones much amusement.

beatles vest - h&m, anchors vest (underneath) - primark, tights - dorothy perkins, shorts - zara kids department (they're a bit of a squeeze!), hat - primark, lace bow - the grainger market.
so, yeah, this is what i wore. sorry for the total camera-face block out thing, but this was just a photo taken to help me decide what to wear when i was changing outfits & all. i think i may just be in love with this oversized beatles vest, i bought it the same day & changed my outfit plans around it, ha! it's from h&m & was about £13, i think i'll be able to switch it round with leggings & wear it as a dress tooooooo (:

straw hat wearers unite.

i think we took about 600 photos? that's not even exaggerating - there's like 6 albums on the aforementioned social networking site & one called on the floor? has to be my favourite. it's just a series of photos of us, well, on the floor. it runs a bit like a stop motion film if you flick through them fast enough, i might even be tempted to make one if i knew how (*hint* help would be appreciated, if anbody knows).

having a bit rave on t'floor.

i love this, which is weird 'cause normally i hate posed photos of me as i neverrrr look acceptable.
this is also quite cool as in our "group" we kind of have a family tree of marriages & things, & we're standing in that order! so my "wife" is the bottom right, lovely girl that she is.

never let it be said that i don't know how to party.


  1. you party animal you ;)
    HA i absolutely love your Beatles vest - i think I may have to scrape you and buy one.
    And 600!?
    wowza, think of all the poor compuet memory space!

    Have fun ♥

  2. These photos are so cute!


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