Wednesday, 16 June 2010

pippi shortsocks

oh, my word. i realise i said that i would post about my purchases "tomorrow" on saturday, & it is now wednesday. i am very sorry, but i do have a legitimate excuse! mother sent  my laptop away to be fixed on monday for a few days without checking with me, which has made things very interesting this week. i hope to get it back tomorrow so i can post to my heart's content (which is good, because i have quite a few things to talk about).
back to those purchases of mine.

mostly i was just browsing because i haven't really got the money at the moment for an all-out shopping spree, but i bought some lace socks as i think they're pretty cute. i found some absolutely a-ma-zing dusty pink brogues in topshop which i think they would look really good with (and also that i could wear to my auntie's wedding next month), but i will need to go back with the father as they were £55.

how cute are these earrings?
i like bows, i like anchors, i like flowers, clearly i had to buy these!
i think i was relatively restrained with my purchases this week! although i did see a beatles let it be vest from h&m, which i actually must buy without a doubt!


  1. Ooh I like the earrings <3 x

  2. Those earrings are amazing. I've never worn lace socks before, wonder if they're as comfy as they are cute?

  3. im actually drooling at the thought of those pink brogues, topshop, why do you torture us?!!!
    those earring and lace socks are adorable :) i love lace so much!

  4. thank you!

    the socks are pretty comfy, although i haven't worn them for a long stretch of time yet!

    i know, i apologise - i meant to say i couldn't put a picture up as they'r not on the website ):



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