Sunday, 23 May 2010

good day sunshine

yesterday was moving day for me, which was an experience and a half. not made easier by the absolutely sweltering heat we're having in britain at the moment (i know, second sentence in & already i've mentioned the weather. but, well, i am british, what can you expect?)
i'll post some pictures of the new house in a while, maybe after we've had it decorated & stuff, with furniture. as at the moment most of my things are residing in boxes in the middle of my room. which is going to be wonderously useful when i come to do my revision in a few days.
to celebrate our last proper school day of year 11 before study leave, my friends & i decided to have an impromptu picnic in our local park. alas, we didn't take many photos but my friend did take one of me looking apparently rather hipsterish.
those, sadly, are not my glasses. my friend kate got given them by her dad, and i think they're genuine vintage ray bans (correct my if i'm wrong kate) - but they were also quite trippy when you put them on as they had prescription lenses, & one side was a lot stronger than the other.
i've recently discovered the most awesome drink of all time, ice cream soda. pure lovelyness. my dad bought me some in an extremely cute vintage style bottle, which (much to his consternation) i am now keeping to, i don't know, put flowers in or something.

see the boxes is the background? my untidiness contained.

and it's from glasgow! hello homeland.


  1. Aww love your little boater hat. I always keep cute glass bottles to put flowers in too. Very handy.

  2. I have to say I did not realise you were only in year 11! makes me feel really old now! xox

  3. thank you! i plan to start collecting them (:
    oh no, i'm in year 12! i hope that makes you feel younger?

  4. ooh i hope the move went well! lovely glasses too, and hat!

  5. your spanish is perfect! thanks, i did the t-shirt yesterday!
    and the kooks is my favourite group too.. luke pritchard is sooo lovely!

  6. thank you!
    ahhh i love it, such a great song too. he really is!


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