Friday, 14 May 2010

dedicated follower of fashion

it's been a while since my last post, & for that i do apologise. i've just had art shiz to deal with (and i forgot to take pictures of my final piece, but i will post some as soon as i can!) & i've had no inspiration for posts, & i didn't really want to just do an oh-my-god-i'm-so-sorry-for-not-posting post.
yesterday, my mother (a textiles/fashion historian) gave me a book about newcastle (my home city) in the 1960s. last week she gave a talk about 60s fashion, & this was her gift for taking part.
this in't just any book though, this actually features my mother (aged about 28ish) modelling some original biba clothes.
not actually in the '60s though, she's not that old.
there she is!
my mum has always been into 60s fashion, & i've practically grown up on information about the famous biba clothing label & barbra hulanicki. she was working on an exhibition all about it just before (and slightly after) i was born at a local art gallery - which remains the most popular exhibition there of all time. in fact, i was almost named biba!

and again in colour.

the book is filled with some amazing photographs of the region and people dressed in lovely multicoloured clothes. i did take some photos, but they came out ridiculously blurry - i must get my camera fixed!

this is one of my favourite finds in the book.
it's a window display in fenwick's (a department store) featuring jenny boyd, who was eric clapton's girlfriends at the time! she's also patti boyd's sister, who eric wrote the song layla about - while he was still with her sister & while patti was still married to george harrison!
i love their love square type thing, even if it is beyond complicated.

i love all the music posters they had too, and i squealed when i saw the bob dylan one!


  1. wow, you're mum is so cool! haha i love books like this, so inspiring and they give me loads of ideas for outfits :D

  2. Jenny Boyd was never a girlfriend of Eric Clapton!

  3. me too! & yes my mum is pretty awesome (:

    dear anonymous, yes she was.

  4. Oh wow, how utterly incredible!

  5. that's really great your mum is a historian! i'm pretty sure it was pattie boyd not jenny though! i've recently watched beyond biba which is a 2009 documentary on barbara hulanicki which you'd enjoy! xo

  6. What a wicked present! I love all of the vintage fashion spreads, and the music, undoubtedly! So glad to have stumbled across your blog :)

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  7. thank you!
    ohh i'd love to see that film!
    and eric was married to patti, but he was with jenny briefly first.

  8. Where did this false idea come from that Eric Clapton was ever involved with Jenny Boyd? It didn't happen. Eric Clapton had a relationship with Pattie and Jenny's younger sister Paula Boyd.

  9. oh my god. i apologise, i made a mistake.
    frigging shoot me if you're that bothered.


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