Tuesday, 4 May 2010

i wish i was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair

we're moving house soon, and i think i'm really going to miss living here. especially the garden, as we have loads of lovely, pretty trees. today i felt a bit sad to be leaving, & some sort of artistic instinct took over me & i raced walked sedately outside to take some photos.
this is the most beautiful tree, ever. it's a little japanese maple & i absolutely adore it.
i've told the father that we have to get another one for our garden in the new house, because my heart just aches to part with it.
okay, slight overexaggeration there.
we have some super cute tulips too, bright pinks, purples, & mixed flowers.
so pretty.
for some reason, i am kind of in love with lichen on tree branches. is that weird?
the rhodedendron.
i do hope i spelled that correctly.
cherry blossom, yum. i'm seeing inspirational photographs of these babies pop up all over the blogosphere at the moment. much better than mine, of course.
i think i'll be marching father down to the nearest garden centre to be purchasing one of these trees too.
i love how it is the proper cherry blossom as well, with the big ass flowers. not the silly little excuses for flowers.
i am quite proud of this photo (:


  1. beautiful :) very japoneesy :P

  2. You should be proud of that picture, it's very pretty :) Along with all the plant/tree/flower type thingys.

  3. Sooooo beautiful, I think that in your shoes I would be truly heart broken to leave behind such beauty! Hopefully there will be something else beautiful in your new home :)

  4. Beautiful shots- they'll be a great memory!! xxx

  5. thank you!
    i do hope there are things just as pretty at my new house (:

  6. I adore Japanese Maple trees! I used to have one in my front garden and we named our cottage after it :) Maple cottage.

  7. wow these are all so gorgeous!

  8. charlotte you tell me you dont have photography skills!
    complete lies in my opinion :)
    come join me + earl, you know we make a great team :D

  9. i don't man, it's just a good camera!
    oh we certainly would! (:

  10. Very beautiful & lovely photography skills :p


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