Tuesday, 18 May 2010

i feel free

i had two exams today, eeek! first i had general studies, which kind of doesn't really count, & then i had my spanish listening-reading-writing paper, which was pretty bad frankly. it was just odd, i didn't really know what to make of it, & my essay about musical influence really sucked.
but oh well! there's nothing i can do about it now, so i propose to not worry (:
(this resolution will probably last until, oh i don't know, tomorrow at the latest maybe?)
also, today i, my father & my brother have been packing up our stuff in preparation for moving house on thursday. this is officially my & my brother's last night staying in (what now must be called) our old house, because tomorrow we go to stay with our mother, as per usual. i'm kind of sad to be leaving as i love this house & the garden, but hopefully i will settle into the new place soon enough.
fingers crossed.
i am quite happy though, two exams down, four to go! also, the sun was out today which was lovely, & there are cherry blossom petals everrrrrrrywhere! i was feeling a bit free-spirity so i took my shoes off & ran over the grass in bare feet, which has to be one of the loveliest feelings in the world.



  1. Ohhh exams, I don't envy you but I do remember how wonderful it feels to finish the very last one!

  2. hey, i did that exam too! (A2 resit :P lol) yes, i thought it was very hard. i think you will have done well though, especially in the essay as you seem so passionate about your music! wait til next year when you have to write history essays!

  3. Running round the garden makes it feel like summer! Good luck with the move :) x

  4. good luck with the rest of your exams my dear! take some snappy snaps of your lovely new house :) xo

  5. Yes another good luck from me - i am stressing out with mine!

  6. ohh thank you!
    it's weirdly awesome to find someone else on here who did the same exam!
    good luck to all of you too (:
    & i will be sure to take some photies of our new home.


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