Sunday, 27 September 2009

yes, i am a mop-top.

so i got my hair cut on friday & i'm not entirrrrely sure i like it.
it's not really that different to how i normally have it cut, but it's all one length instead of being angular & shorter at the back, which is what my hair used to be like. i don't think it's got enough layers in it either, & i don't have a fringe any more so to me it just feels a bit strange.
i was really really reaaaaally tempted to go for a crop, a bit like laura marling's hair, but i want to be totally sure before i get that done.
i feel like being really drastic & spontaneous at the moment, just to break the monotony of my life. even if a crop looks rubbish, i don't care because i just want something wildly different to happen, i just feel so dull & mundane sometimes i want to scream.
as it happens, i didn't go for a crop.
tedious beyond belief.
i'm so sick of my hair it's unreal.
it looks better now it's curly though, they always blowdry it straight at the hairdressers which makes my hair completely devoid of volume & life.
seriously, why is it so difficult for hairdressers to grasp the fact that i like my hair messy & unruly? it's just so much more me that way
i do hope i grow to like it =/


  1. This is one reason why I don't get my hair cut often. Some hairdressers just DONT GET IT.

  2. i know!
    i always end up going home & backcombing mine to make it more volumey.


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