Sunday, 20 September 2009

girl from the north county

those among you who are fans of bob dylan (or bobby d, the bobster, his bobness - those are just a few of the nicknames i like to give him on occasion) will have recognised the title of this post as one of his most well-known songs.
i am a pretty huge bob dylan fan, so much so that i refer to him only as bob, like he's an old friend slash mentor of mine that i have sadly never met.
i have been searching for a bob dylan tshirt for a while all over the place, i tried his website & other specialist music tshirt websites, and although they all looked good, they were all a bit too expensive (and on top of that had a huge p&p charge) or just not my taste.
i went on to scouring ebay rather obsessively for quite a long time, and i must say it is one of my favourite places to buy tshirts, they're so original either being handmade or vintage - definitely not something you can just walk in to a shop & buy!
after a great deal of searching & deliberating, i chose a men's XL tshirt with a silhouette of the bobster on it. the picture is from the cover of his the times they are a-changing album.
i was so excited when it arrived, it took a while to get here so i had forgotten all about it until a package arrived for me.
it's a lot wider & not quite as long as i imagined so i'm not entirely sure how i'll wear it.
this was yesterday's outfit, i decided to wear it as a dress with lilac tights (river island) & my flamingo cardigan (dorothy perkins). i think it may have been a little short so i'll team it with a high-waisted skirt in future.
don't ask what my leg is doing in that picture, but i thought a full-frontal shot would be good too.
i'm hoping i can get away with wearing it for school, it goes really rather well tucked into my pencil skirt & i'm running out of outfit ideas for the conformityness of the sixth form dress code.
in my first outing in the bobby d tee, i went out shopping with my friend joanna for art supplies & ended up spending quite a bit more money than i probably should've done on clothes etc.
i bought a wonderfully oversized pink & white stripey shirt from primark; a sailoresque purple & white striped tshirt, some fantastically vintagey-looking turquoise flower hair clips, a pure white bow hairband, some lovely & warm blue gloves with bows all from h&m. photos will probably have to wait a while as my camera has decided to go on the fritz.
on another note, i'd just like to say thank you to my followers :)
7 really is a magical number.
it means so much to me to know that there are people out there who have an interest in my bizarre (yet hopefully endearing) outlook on life, thank you so much for reading.


  1. hahaha you are so funny!! and also, totally loving xl clothes, they make for the perfect short dress! the leg pop is totally cute!

  2. That tee ROCKS!

    One Love,

  3. thank you both!
    big tees are the bestest.

  4. Its perfect! I love it as a dress!! I am a huge fan of Dylan too. I saw him in concert a few years ago and meet him! I got Blonde on Blonde signed, it was awesome!!

  5. ahhh you are so lucky! i would just love to meet bob, that would be like my dream come true!
    thank youuu for your lovely comments :)


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