Tuesday, 22 September 2009

made it through the forest.

i had an HPV injection today, so my arm is extremely sore & stiff so i am not in the best of moods. also, quite a bit of rubbishness is going on with one of my best friends, so i feel bad for her too.
i've been doing quite a lot of drawing today to try & concentrate on something else, emotion is brought out in art because without it there is no such thing as art, only marks on paper.
that's the way i feel about it anyway, not that i can put it into words very well.
the drawing is also due to my natural form project which i am doing for A-level art (the natural form object i chose to study was the horse chestnut in case you were interested, i might take some pictures & stick them up if i've got time) & for this i have to do some artist research.
i started by studying the guy who personally i think is the grandaddy of natural form, mr paul cezanne.
this is one of my favourite paintings of his, it's called the forest.
i just think it i beautiful.
i love the lighting & the colours he has used & i think the trees just look really ethereal.
i love art like this so much, it's hard to describe really. it just makes me really calm when i look at it, like all my worries melt away.
a work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art - paul cezanne.


  1. No wonder it's your fav! It's gorgeous... so soothing and gentle to the eyes :)

  2. ahh i'm so glad you agree!
    it is such a wondeful painting.

  3. hello (: thanks for following my blog! yours is so colourful and creative, i love it. (especially your outfit below!) agh injections freak me out- hope you're feeling better soon. take care x

  4. ahh no worries, i think your outfit posts are awesome!
    thank you! ^-^
    ahh my arm is much better now, thanks!


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