Sunday, 6 September 2009

car boot sale

during my stay in cornwall i visited a couple of car boot sales & picked up some rather lovely stuff for pretty darn cheap.
this necklace was only £1.
it's lovely, very woodstock meets 1940s cameo necklace i think. but that's just my opinion!
sadly the chain is broken but i'm pretty sure i'll be able to fix it.

this cameo necklace was £5, but i do think it was worth it because it's such a gorgeous colour & i've never seen a flower cameo necklace before. although that could be suggesting i need to get out more.

this was only 50p & i love the way it looks like a cross between something tacky & something quite expensive looking.
a bit like me i guess haha!

love the deep red colour of this necklace. i prefer silver jewellery over gold usually but i think this is rather cute.

a sparkly brooch of a girl with a hat & a parasol, how could i resist this beauty?

i also managed to find some records for pretty reasonable prices.
i got an elvis costello record for £5, i don't really know much about his music but i like punch the clock which is the album that my dad has so i think i'll probably like my aim is true as well. hopefully!
the eddie cochran record is apparently quite rare, although i managed to sweet talk the guy on the stall & got it along with the john lennon record for only £7. a bargain? yes i believe so.

the man on the stall was rather lovely & i sort of befriended him slightly (his name was phil) and he told me about this everly brothers greatest hits picture disc which is meant to be really rare. despite that, he gave it to me for £10! i love records, you can buy rare ones & they still usually come out as less than you would pay for a cd.


  1. Oh, These are such great finds!Especially , I am so jealous of your girl with parasol! So adorable! And you found these things for so cheap!Here in Turkey we have to pay much more for vintage jewellery, and you don't often come across so great items!Of course, this may be because we don't have car boot sales, yard sales etc.This post made me want to go back to my favourite antique store (which I have neglected for a while!)

  2. oh thank you, i love that brooch!
    i agree, it's hard to find vintage things for good value where i live too! this was a very lucky (and rare!) find.


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