Sunday, 13 September 2009

tears of a clown.

i love mimes.
well, they creep me out a bit on person, with the staring eyes etc, but i do quite like the way they look.
the pale face, the gorgeous stand-out eyes, the gothic-but-in-an-understated-way black lips, the cute monochrome outfit complete with shakespeare-esque ruff & a quirky hat; it would all be a bit colourless for me if it wasn't for those lovely rose cheeks.
one of my favourite quirky jewellery giants, tatty devine, have created some extremely cute pierrot (clown/mime) inspired beauties for their A/W jewellery collection.
oh, how adorable is this brooch.

i love these earrings too, the little hearts give these boys a cute twist.

these ruff-patterned hearts are also winners in my opinion.

i wish i had the patience to wear rings, but i always tend to sit there fiddling & twisting them round my fingers. this ring almost has me converted.

this is by far the cutest necklace i have (possibly) ever seen!
the heart comes with a choice of colours too, pink or blue.

another of my favourite classic tatty devine designs, is this wizard of oz inspired delight.
they are just divine, i just wish i had a pair of glittery red shoes to match!


  1. i like your blog :)


  2. thank you! *blushes*
    yours is pretty cool.

  3. Oh I ♥ whimsical jewelry like these, especially the wizard of oz inspired necklace! How lovely to own something like that:) Cute blog, dearie!!

  4. oh i know, they are just the sweetest!
    why thank you :)


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