Thursday, 17 September 2009

alas i cannot swim

i cannot believe how long it feels since my last post!
this is rather ridiculous seeing as it's really only 4 days, but i was feeling a little bit of a withdrawal. the thing is, i love writing & this is such a great outlet for that. i had an amazing english lesson today, i felt very cultured discussing books & poetry, ahh it was so lovely!
i also got my art sketchbook from my gcse art exam back (i posted about this a while ago, at the time i was not very happy) & looking through it was quite nice, just thinking about how much i'd worked & how many things have changed since then.
anyway, i digress.
basically those two things combined together - missing writing & feeling inspired - led me to do this post.
i was listening to one of my favourite laura marling songs just before on (it was new romantic if you were wondering) & pictures of her came up on slideshow, and i must say i am in love with her wardrobe!
i don't quite know how, but laura manages to make this shabby looking outfit absolutely gorgeous. i think it's the oversized denim shirt & the marbled effect umbrella that pulls it all together.

a blue checky shirt, so simple yet so so cute!

love the blue contrast with her pale skin.
i'm a very pale girl myself & blue is one of my favourite colours to wear, it just seems to go so well.

okay, i just think the facial expression on this photo is rather awesome.
that & her totally folktastical guitar.
and are those raybans i spy hanging off her tshirt?

a tartan shirt, seriously need i say more?

i love the interesting white blouse with the dark jeans, and this photo is just amazing. makes me think of isaac newton for some reason!

the cropped hair suits her much more i think. she looks so sophisticated, i can't believe she's only 19!
i'm pondering whether to get my hair cut the same way, i quite fancy a pixie cut.

this has to be like the ultimate in festivalwear; leggings, an oversized tshirt & a truly groovy multicoloured headscarf.
(and perhaps an admiring fan to help you pull off the look)
i realise of course that this is a bit of a girl-crush post, but laura marling practically is my idol. i adore her songs, they're just filled with such honesty & maturity it's frankly amazing. i wish i could write songs even half as good as that.


  1. i love the photo where she's playing with a floating apple! i wonder if they just used fish line to make it look like it was floating??

  2. it is an amazing shot, and i'm not usually one for photography.
    oh, that's a good idea! i never thought about they took it.


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