Saturday, 5 September 2009


gosh it's been ages since my last post!
this isn't through lack of things to post about (in fact there have been loads), just a total lack of internet access!
we had a really long drive down to cornwall, it took us 8 hours in fact!
glastonbury, my spiritual home!

the, erm, entertainment at the local bar.

port isaac, where they film doc martin!

the doctor's surgery in doc martin; if you don't know the show you won't really get this, but this was a huge moment for me!

we also went to westward ho!
this was all down to me, basically i just wanted a picture of the sign because it is the only place in britain with an exclamation mark in its name.

we also went to land's end.

after that lighthouse, there's nothing but sea until america. pretty cool i thought.

the cherry parking zone at the eden project.
they were all named after fruit, very cool indeed.

the eden project, so spectacular.

how cute are the lantern hanging things?
i really wanted to buy some of these in the gift shop, but i couldn't find any :(

this was a display thing in the wall in the mediterranean biome which i though was amazing!
it's just some white flowers in a clear tube, but the effect is really pretty.

my attempt at doing a bit of cool photographyness.
major fail!

the groovy rainforest pond thing

i love this quote, ever since i read it in about a boy (by nick hornby).

cool fountain thing.

these flowers are beyond pretty, in a weird way they remind me of some floaty blouses i've seen in topshop.

the secret bamboo maze that me & my brother found.

the other passage we found, this one was really beautiful, like something out of a fairytale. sadly my picture doesn't really do it justice.
apologies for the long post about nothing in particular, things will return to normal soon, i just had to get all the cornwall stuff out of my system!

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