Wednesday, 9 September 2009

i read the news today, oh boy.

happy beatles day everybody!
in case you haven't seen the many documentaries or the many, many articles in many, many, many papers, you may have missed the fact that today, on 09/09/09 (because 9 was john lennon's lucky number don't you know), the beatles' remastered albums & the beatles rock band game - which i soooo want to play! come out!
can i get a woop woop?

oh, look at them.
how sweet those moptops are.

champagne all round methinks.

*this post is dedicated to john lennon (RIP), paul mccartney, george harrison (RIP), ringo starr & the excellent george martin, without whom the beatles may never have acheived such incredible success. also to yoko ono, dhani & olivia harrison, giles martin & all the people at harmonix*

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