Wednesday, 6 October 2010

personal statement

hello there people, it's been a while hasn't it? remember that camera situation i kept waffling on about? well, it is still unresolved. bah. i'm on the verge of mass homicide with this camera-fixy company, i tell you. here are some thoroughly random & probably uninteresting facts about the events from my life since i've been away.
i bought the john lennon birthday issue of Q magazine (yes, i buy magazines aimed at men, do not adjust your screen) which is the loooooveliest thing ever. it was a damn good issue, even if there was too much yoko & not enough paul. oh, and bono from u2's handwriting is abysmal.
fyi, it's john's birthday this saturday so if you follow me on tumblr or twitter be prepared for some serious hyperbole about that man.
oh oh oh! aaand on sunday, i'm going to be helping out at the afforable vintage fair in newcastle for dolls & molls, which should be pretty lovely! if you're in the area, come check it out, it's always really good - even just to have a look around! i don't have a definite plan for what i'm going to look for, but i'd like to get a nice cardigan or jumper as they're a bit lacking in my wardrobe. i'm also looking out for a nice cross body bag for school, & of course the jewellery is always work a look!
sorry for such a short post this time, i hope to make up for it soon with all the giveaway shebang. adieu mes enfants! (:


  1. Never read that before....might have to give it a go one day when I see it on the shop racks.
    Jealous about your Sunday! - Enjoy it :)

    And chilllll with your camera-trauma :)
    Life is good!

  2. men's magazines are the best. haa. well.

  3. Lennon <3 I'm glad you're a die hard Bob Dylan fan btw x

  4. WOOHOOOO. John Lennon. I was so impressed by the Google slash Youtube video thing going on yesterday. SUCH GOOD PROCRASTINATION.

    Totally read Mens Nylon. Just as good as the girl version.


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