Wednesday, 27 October 2010

been listening

- scheduled post -
i am away until 27th of october
as i am a bit of a fool, i forgot to mention i bought some records at the vintage fair when i posted about it! *smacks self in face*
for christmas this year, i have asked my dad for a record player & in anticipation of this i have relapsed to my obsessive record collecting days.
at the fair, emily gave me this vinyl rack for free as a thank you for helping out with her dolls & molls stall, & her husband martin sold me a roy orbison collection & a blondie single for only £5 together - which is pretty good considering their condition! i've decided to use the rack to keep all my records in good condition, it's only supposed to be for EPs & singles but considering i only have two of those i thought it would look a little empty without all my LPs!
i spent the day organising my records - alphabetically by artist, then by date of album (yes, i know i am a complete & utter nerd, but i do only have about twelve of them!) - and finally watching my laura marling dvd, which was so lovely! it's called laura marling & friends, basically it's a backstage film of an evening of performances by laura & other folk lovelies (who just happen to be her friends, natch) at the royal festival hall.
peggy sue - a punk/folk trio who played songs with an accordion. sounds do wrong, but oh my it was brilliant.

laura herself in some rather smashing spectacles.

marcus mumford & laura marling.

johnny flynn - great classical folk guitarist, a friend of mine recently burned me a cd of his two albums & they are excellent.


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