Wednesday, 13 October 2010

hang the blessed dj

my cameraaa is fixed! yay! (:
now normal posting can resume! & i can get on with that giveaway i haven't mentioned for a while (which i have had a few ideas for).
a couple of weeks ago, i bought some shorts from ebay that i may be utterly in love with. they're white lacey shorts for wearing under clothes that may be slightly indecent otherwise, or just as another layer. basically, it's a different take on wearing a petticoat or a slip underneath a skirt, which i think is really quite awesome! i only saw them in black on the highstreet, so i'm quite pleased i turned to ebay to find the white ones, as black just would not go with anything in my wardrobe.
um, yeah. so i couldn't decide which pictures to put up here as i really wasn't loving the upper half of the outfit today, so here are my two favourite(ish) ways to wear the shorts.
flowery shorts - liberty at topshop, tights - river island
skirt - gift from friends
hooray for almost identical poses! i'm very sorry that you can see how messy my room is, but i quite like having the wardrobe pictures behind me.
i shall be updating a bit more regularly now that i have the camera back, eeeep!


  1. love this lace under...
    cute shorts!


  2. OMG! I was actually looking for some of the very same shorts on Ebay this week and had quite a few I'm fond of...Love how you've decided to style them so that they are seen, I was just planing on getting some to wear as bike pants so that I can wear a skirt while bike riding without being indecent :P

    Glad that you have your camera back btw :D

  3. thank you!
    ohh, i never actually thought of wearing them like that, good idea!

  4. AMAZING SHORTS. For some reason I'm so tempted to call them "Bloomers." I have no idea why, but NOW I REALLY WANT A PAIR.

  5. that's such a good idea! i especially love how the lace looks under that skirt :)


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