Wednesday, 29 September 2010

baby, you can drive my car

i had my first ever driving lesson on monday, eek.
it was quite the experience, even though i couldn't actually retain any of the information my instructor gave me. steering wheel, what's that again?
but yes, it was actually pretty good once i got over my nerves & that! my instructor guy (jeff) seems pretty cool, he even complimented me on my footwear choice, woo! (topshop floral trainers all the way man.)
 i have another one on friday which i'm sorrrt of excited about, but also slightly scared.
*insert scared, yet mildly excited scream here*
i didn't really want to leave this post utterly pictureless, so here are some (crappy webcam) pictures of how i wore my hair the other day.

*please excuse the strange noseness*

i've been trying to think of ways to wear the vintage scarves i posted about a while ago, & i finally figured out a nice way to tie my hair up with them!

sorry these are only rubbishy webcam photos, i'm currently getting very annoyed because the stupid camera fixing people still have my stupid broken camera which they have had for two weeks & have apparently "forgotten" to fix. question; how can you forget to fix something when it's your freaking job?! anyway, this means i still can't take any photos to put on here, which is getting beyond irritating!
hopefully next time we speak i shall have a fully functioning camera, either that or i'll have stolen mother's camera (but i hate using hers as you can't take the flash off!).


  1. Wow congrats on getting your first driving lesson done, I can understand your fear regarding the whole thing as I am 19 and have been way too scared to get behind the wheel at all!

    Really like how you've been wearing your hair, I've actually been doing the same with my floral headband :D

  2. My first driving lesson is tomorrow! Aw the irony :D I wish my hair was like yours, mine will not go into scarfs...or anything else for that matter LOL.

  3. Your so cute! I remember my first driving lesson haha. God, I need to get back to it.

  4. Love how you've styled the scarf. Good luck with your driving lessons. I remember being such a bundle of nerves when I first started learning (just wait till your first time on a highway haha). It's so weird to think back to that, especially since it's something I take for granted these days.

  5. Cute shoes are essential for driving lessons. Good luck with your training. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog :)

  6. love this post amd great pics x

  7. Oh wow, fun pictures! That makes me wanna try out a vintage scarf... :)
    And ha, I could have started driving lessons AGES ago, but, I just don't have the time =[ Tis a shame...

    Love the post anyway, need to drop by here more often!

  8. AH. All my classmates ALWAYS recount their driving lessons and I can't contribute to the combination as I've JUST gotten my G1 (written driving test) and I've only driven once.

    I'm such a fail.

  9. i love the scarf in hair look - it really suits you!

  10. You look adorable and don't worry, you'll get the hang of driving! It's a bit overwhelming in the beginning. X


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