Friday, 22 October 2010

shakespeare's sister

so, i've bought a fair few things lately & felt it was time to inform you all (:
some brass buttons i bought at an incredible flea market in spain, i think they were about 2 euros.
i can't decide what to do with them, i've thought about either sewing them onto a cardigan or making them into jewellery.

another purchase from spain! i have a bit of a penchant for hairbands, & at only 3 euros it seemed fairly reasonable!
that is the end of my purchases from spain, unfortunately we didn't get out & about much so i didn't have a huge opportunity to buy things.
in my past few posts, i've talked about working at a vintage fair that came to my hometown recently. it was a really lovely fair, & although i didn't get a chance to buy the things that were on my wishlist, i bought some lovely things all the same!
i bought this brooch from the dolls & molls stall i was working on for my mum's birthday. my mum is really into 50s & 60s fashion, & she's just finished a pattern-cutting course at a local college which she really loved. she's bought a few vintage patterns off ebay recently, & freakishly this exactly matches the picture from the front of one of them!

somehow in the past few months, i have developed a complete scarf obsession! anyway, i bought these two for £4 together. the blue one has the cuuutest palette pattern!

there weren't as many craft stalls as there normally are at these fairs, which i was a bit disappointed at because i always love browsing them - even if i don't buy anything. there was only one this time, which was actually pretty expensive in my opinion.
i bought an old postcard for £1 (expensive, right?) & some assorted buttons for £3. i was still a bit miffed at how expensive this was, especially when the woman on the stall tried to charge me a fiver for them. one + three is clearly not five, dear.

the postcard had a little message & address on the back written in a lovely script, which is part of the reason i bought them! i know some people might think it's a bit weird to buy what is essentially someone else's memories, but i think it's kind of sad that those things have been thrown out & don't have a home any more.
my friend is having a hallowe'en party next saturday (as october 31st itself rather unconveniently falls on a saturday) & i can't quite decide what to go as. i'm thinking either david bowie, alex from a clockwork orange or morrissey. although i feel like morrissey might be a bit dull, & i don't really have the hair for it. i really want to go as something a bit unusual, but i can't decide! if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to make them.
i can't remember if i mentioned that i'm off to rome on sunday with my family, so i might schedule a post or two!


  1. Love the pattern on the scarf, I have had the same thing for buying scraves lately, to tie around my head!

    As for Halloween, Bowie is always awesome :D :D

  2. Oooh, I love all of your little purchases, especially the headband! So cute :]

  3. the brass buttons are crying out to be used on a navy cardigan x


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