Sunday, 24 October 2010

rainy day, dream away

- scheduled post -
i will be away until 27th of october
as the nights are getting darker, & the rainclouds are rolling in, sadly the time has come to start layering up.
(edit: wait, did i say sadly? what a fool i am, i adore winter clothing! sure, it's not actually all that different from my summery wardrobe, but i certainly feel more comfortable & it means i don't have to enter into the leggings vs tights vs bare legs debate)
with that in mind, for a while now i've been looking into buying more wintery clothing. block colour tights, thicker cardigans, interesting jumpers, cute yet functional gloves. top of my wishlist was, of course, a new winter coat. now, i'm not one of those people who needs a new season coat, just simply something lovely that will keep me warm for many years to come.
i am, quite possibly, irrevocably in love with this coat.
mother bought it for me from miss selfridge (she, lovely woman that she is, pays for all my "essentials" clothingwise), as it is just amazing. it is rather warm too, & definitely waterproof - this i know as it has already been called upon to prove itself weatherwise this year!
i saw this on the miss selfridge website while i was searching for a good coat, & initially i was a bit put off by its puffball skirt. normally that is the kind of style i would avoid like a drunken mancunian with a strange hairdo, but on closer inspection that weird drunkard turned out to be morrissey, & i actually love the puffball thing on this skirt!

it has a slight military feel with the buttons on the front, but is still pretty darn feminine with the frills, bow and its decidedly girly dusky pink colour. there are frills in the back too, which i tried to get a picture of but the light in my room was being very odd, & as i don't have a tripod i have a limited number of places to precariously prop rest my camera.


  1. That drunken Mancunian metaphor may be the best metaphor I have ever heard. Genius.
    Lovely coat also :)

  2. Ahh i love that coat!

  3. Okay, I am going to follow you. Almost just because of the metaphor. But I love your coat too! ;)

  4. oh, what a wonderful coat! i love these tights :D


  5. I nearly died...with JEALOUSY when I saw your coat, oh my oh my!!!! It is just the most beautiful pastle colored coat full of magnificent ruffeldy goodness, amazing!!!


    Ahhh so jealous!

    And it looooks so classy and elegant.
    10 out of 10!
    And too true about the clouds =[

    Oh and thanks for stopping by :) I've posted a new post if you're interested


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