Monday, 18 October 2010

another saturday night

hello there (:
looks like i'm getting back into the posting more often thing, rejoice!
last sunday was my mother's birthday (the date was 10/10/10, which i thought was just a little bit awesome), but as i wasn't staying with her then we only got to celebrate this weekend. some family stayed for the weekend, & we went for a bit of a fancy meal - for which i wore this;
sorry about my slightly silly pose, but i had limited time in which to get ready. mother wanted to get drunk so we had to walk to the restaurant, which was made even more hilarious by my aunt limping along with a sprained ankle. i realise after writing it that it sounds a bit cruel, but she was full on quasimodo-ing it down the road on purpose!

dress - ebay, lace shorts (underneath) - ebay, tights - newcastle vintage fair, necklace - brooch from a car boot sale, hairband - lace from the grainger market.
i bought these tights from the newcastle vintage market two weeks ago, & i really do quite like them. they were only £6 which i think is fairly reasonable considered a similar pair would be about £15. in case you can't tell, they are white with a blue flowery design. i also bought a few more things at the fair, which i'll post about in a few days or two.
i'm quite pleased with myself about this outfit actually, it's all unconventionally bought, for want of a better phrase!
i'm off to rome for a few days on sunday, so i shall schedule a post (or possibly two) for my absence & take lots of photographs for my return!


  1. You look so pretty! I love the colour scheme of the outfit, moainly white with that little hint of blue. The bow in your hair tops it off perfectly!

  2. Ahhh sharing the love for vintage markets.
    And the lace looks lovely.
    And mutual rejoice for frequent blog posting!

    Happy birthday to your mummy =]

  3. Those tights are gorgeous, the flowers on them made me think of a pattern on a tea cup, and, they go wonderfully with the rest of your white lace outfit, just lovely :D


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