Saturday, 11 September 2010

sweet bird of paradox

warning; many images & extreme lovelyness ahead.
remember that surprise i told you i had, the one which i never posted about? well, slap me on the wrist because i'm a terrible blogger, but not before i - finally - reveal said "surprise".
since february of this year, i have been doing on & off work experience with emily, a friend of my mother's who makes & sells her own jewellery. for a while, she's been wanting to get some sort of lookbook together for her jewellery range, so she asked me & a friend of mine to help her. we planned this for a few weeks, deciding on what kind of look to go for, & where to take the pictures. emily's jewellery has a very quirky, vintage feel to it, so we thought a fairytale/woodland type shoot would suit it the best. the model emily chose was also perfect, she's very 40s-50s with her make-up, & she was lovely! oh, & she has some pretty kick ass tattoos.
you can find emily on her website or her etsy store, or you can join her facebook group or follow her on twitter - which i advise you to do as a lot of the time she'll give out exclusive offer codes, or details for where she'll be selling next (:
so, without further ado, here is the result of our little shoot for dolls and molls;

see what i mean about the tattoos? i'll try & put a link to each item of jewellery where i can, but i think emily has now sold out on these as i can't find them on her website.

i hope you enjoyed those, & they were worth the wait! this isn't all of the photographs, so if you'd like you can see more on emily's facebook page (link above).
most of emily's jewellery is made with vintage or reclaimed pieces, which means every item is a complete original. i think i shall be doing some more work experience with her later this year, mostly hands-on how to  make the jewellery kind of stuff, which i shall update you all with.
also, my friend joanna who took the photographs has a tumblr which you are all very welcome to check out here, she posts quite a few of her own photographs.
adieu my dears.


  1. Yay, finally! These photos are so cool, and I'm loving her jewelry. It's so cool that you got to do this.

  2. Wow love all of the pednants!
    Btw come stop by my blog and have a look at the award thingy I tagged you in :)


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