Sunday, 19 September 2010

breaking rocks in the hot sun

seeing as my camera is out of my hands for the next two weeks (it's away getting fixed, hopefully), i'm posting about things that aren't really about me. i have quite a few posts scheduled with things you may like (more things like the dolls & molls shoot :) that aren't to do with my ugly mug for a change, so you may now all cheer.
one of my favourite things ever is music, which i actually rarely post about here! now, i know everrrryone says that they love music, but i am extremely into music history. i collect LPs & EPs & listen to them on my record player, i buy music magazines at regular intervals (& not nme, because it's a ridiculous pile of so-called "indie" propaganda) & often buy old issues from ebay. i hate buying best of compilations because i feel like i'm missing out on an artist's progression. i like to think i know quite a lot about the history of music, although i do try not to be too much in people's faces about it! i get extremely possessive & argumentative over my favourite artists, & will argue their case to the death.
basically, i spend huge amounts of money on music, & after receiving one of my periodical emails from lazy oaf i've been wondering if i should push the boat out & spend a little more on these lovely things.
these headphones may be the most lovely thing i've ever seen. i think i'm in love.
they are £25 from lazy oaf & they also come in black, blue & white.
these are for sure going on my christmas list.
and, because i realise otherwise this may be bit of a non-post, i've made a little list of songs for you all to listen to - hope you enjoy (:
i fought the law - the clash
sheila take a bow - the smiths
brand new shoes - she & him
hope - jack johnson
man in a shed - nick drake
instant karma - john lennon
can i get a witness - marvin gaye
where you lead - carole king
alas i cannot swim - laura marling
norwegian wood - the beatles.


  1. only 25!! omg they are a bargain compared to other brands! also going on my xmas list :) x

  2. those headphones are so sweet!
    and you have fabulous music-taste :)
    thank you so much for your comment xxx

  3. £25 doesn't seem much to me, they are amazing.

  4. WOW, loving your new blog layout!
    Hope you find those cute headphones in your stocking this year, I can't believe we're already just a few months off Christmas :O

  5. such pretty headphones! and loving you list of songs- few of my favorites on there (norwegian wood!)

  6. thanks so much for your comment ;)
    your posts are really amazing!

  7. wow it's so great to have a passion like that! I almost envy! :)


  8. Those headphones are lovely! I would get them, also not tooooo expensive (:

    p.s. I'm the biggest Marvin Gaye addict EVER


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